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Rules and regulations


    1. All DMC students must attend their classes/practical etc. regularly and while doing so must wear full set of DMC students uniform without which they are not allowed to attend classes/practicals and examinations.
    2. DMC students must respect their teachers and be polite with them as well as with the DMC staff, patients and their own colleagues.
    3. DMC students must respect their senior colleagues and learn from them about medical science and give guardianship to their juniors and foster friendly relationship inside and outside DMC campus.
    4. DMC student must respect and obey the DMC management and follow the rules and regulation implemented by DMC.
    5. DMC students are required to safeguard the property of their alma mater as they are members of DMC and DMCRI family.
    6. DMC students must behave politely, respectfully and empathically with all patients, patient's relatives and other general public.


    1. No DMC student shall be permitted to be engaged directly or indirectly, in an activity of political parties inside or outside the premises of Devdaha Medical College, it's hospitals and community satellite center and inside DMC hostels.
    2. No DMC student Shall be permitted to form a student party / student union / Student Society and organization of any kind inside or outside DMC and it's hospitals / community satellite centers and hostels or become member of any other student union and organizations.
    3. No DMC student is permitted to demonstrate in the DMC and DMCRI campus to participate in strike by wearing black armbands or go on hunger strike or disrupt the normal activity of DMC or DMC teaching hospital and community satellite centers / other community clinics or district hospitals / Zonal or regional hospitals by demonstrating own cause or in support of any other person or group. Postering and pamphleting in relation to any other inside DMC by designing cartoons or write ups and putting up such items on notice boards or crossing of or overwriting on notices board published by DMC is strictly forbidden.
    4. No DMC students is permitted to remove, take away, damage or destroy the property of DMC and DMCRI or books from DMC library, audio visual aids, museum specimens etc or the properties of other health institutions that are utilized in teaching and learning activities by DMC anyone found guilty will be penalized and will have to be a stern consequences.
    5. No DMC student is allowed to participate in in-human activity like ragging of other students, locking up classroom and disrupting normal teaching learning activities, locking up DMC staff, students, faculty, administrators, technicians any other person of DMC and DMCRI sections for fulfillment of own or other's demand and such person if found guilty, will have to bear the consequences that may even be expulsion from DMC once and for all, no matter in whichever year one may be studying.
    6. No DMC student is allowed to indulge in substance abuse including drugs, alcohol or sedatives during or after classes hours including living in DMC hostels.
    7. No DMC student is allowed to possess firearms and explosive with him or are in college, hospital or hostels.


    The medical profession has been valued by the society world over, as a noble and dignified one. To justify this , the persons who belong to it must maintain dress code and be presentable before the society while rendering health service. 

    DMC believe in the equity and equality of both the gender and has no bias towards any one. As a result the dress code for both the genders has been decided to remain the same.

    1.  Black woolen/ Terry Cotton trouser.
    2. Off white Cotton shirt.
    3. Black Cardigan or V-shaped pullover or Black Coat (Blazer) for winter month.
    4. DMC Tie is compulsary every day while attending classes (Practical / Clinical/ During Examinations).
    5. DMC crest on the coat left breast pocket.
    6. DMC-LOGO pins on the left lapel of coat.
    7. Black Shoes.
    8. For practical classes in laboratories and for clinical experience in the hospital for both genders, while terry cotton apron with long sleeves is a must. Students will not be allowed inside practical laboratories or hospital without an apron.
    9. The clip-on personal DMC identify tag must always be put on over the upper pocket of the apron or shirt while inside the DMC premises for security reasons.